Fringe With Benefits 

enjoying the cool california weather , Half Moon Bay , California

Happy New Year ‘Bibblers! I hope 2017 is treating you well so far.

You may remember me introducing our hand-dyed, hand-cut, fringed

shawls in a previous post, but you know what they say: New Year, New

 Color! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls- standing alongside her

teammates Cranberry and Periwinkle put your hands together for

Black! Featuring fabric hand-dyed by the Head ‘bibbler herself, all hand-

cut fringe, and a rolled hem neckline finish, these three together make

for an undefeatable trio.

While I encourage creativity and uniqueness, I listed below a few

of my favorite ways to wear them to help you get started. Take the

shawl and run with it!

For the girl on the go: Just finished a spin class but your friends want

you to meet them for brunch? No prob. Just pull your fringed shawl out

of your gym bag and drape it over your shoulders for a chic athleisure

look! Very Kendall Jenner.

For the always cold girl: You’ve been there, I’ve been there, we’ve all

been there. There are few harder decisions in life than having to choose

between sacrificing your outfit for the sake of being warm, or sacrificing

your warmth for the sake of your outfit. Most of us are guilty of the

latter, leaving us miserable. Well dressed, but miserable. Save the cold

shoulder for your ex and stay warm while adding to your look, instead

of taking away! Simply place it around your neck like a scarf (leaving

one side longer than the other), and then toss the longer side across

your body to the opposite shoulder. Play with it to create more or less

coverage and ta-da! You have officially beaten Mother Nature at her

own game.

And last but not least, for my jet-setters: This is my personal favorite

because ya’ll…they are seriously the best travel partner a girl could ask

for! Not only do they pack exquisitely, but they can also double as a

blanket during those cold flights. (For real, why are planes ALWAYS

freezing?) They are up for any destination hot or cold. Going to the

beach? Wrap it around your waist and knot it to the side for an

effortlessly chic cover-up. Going up north? After landing take your make

shift blanket and fold it in two and then wrap it around your neck and

pull the ends through the loop to create a warm and cute scarf. For more

of Bai’s Ways to style our shawls and other merch tune in next month!