Like most of my designs, the idea is put into motion years before the product actually comes to life . My new custom surfboard design is no exception....

A couple of years ago while I was set up at a art show I meet fellow artist and surfboard shaper Neil Hamilton (low key surfboards) and his wife Pam . As the years past it seemed that we would always be exhibiting at the same shows , so to past the time we would talk and became friends. I watched Neil's style progress from custom wood surfboards to epoxy with fabric inlays . 

Since I am a textile designer once I saw Neil working with fabric inlays on his board's I really became intrested in using my fabric one of his shapes . Seems easy enough , right ?! Just pick one of my fabric designs and got for it .

HAHAHAh not that easy . This design had to be special , It had to mean something , but what would I choose ?? The same year I started throwing around the idea of having a custom board made,  I also travled to Hawaii . 

  My Husband and I were there to celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary . The first week we were joined by two of my favortie people in the world ( @fotolucid and @topsinc ) . We explored the island, drove on the road to Hana, jumped in waterfalls, rolled around on the black sand beaches, smelled the flowers , chased waves, swam with sea turtles , took cheesy tourist photos and  laughed A LOT ! 

The lush tropical and plants are so captivating and this is where the inspiration started for the tropical floral fabric on my new custom board. It feels so sweet to see this design come full circle . Below you will find some behind the scenes photos of the process .

HEY ! Did you know , that IshKabibbles and Low Key Surfboards have teamed up and you can get any IshKabibbles fabric (past or present) design inlayed on your next custom surfboard ? Intrested, send me a email 

The design first starts on paper . later it is scanned into the computer , arranged on the yardage and then the final design is sent to the fabric printer .

 Trying to visualize what the fabric would look like on the board .

Picking out the color for the bottom of the board and rails . I went with the bottom left color , pink mimosa.

Neil showing me the demensions of the board . This way I could adjust the size of the flowers on the fabric. By adjusting the flowers to the right size it would make sure I could get most of the flower design on the board and not be cut off to short .

Seeing the board for the first time !

Neil Hamilton and I :)